Friday, 11 March 2011

TF2 - The Shogun Update!

Hey guys, not posted for a while! :(

Last month I was contracted by Sega to create 8 Japanese-themed promotional items for TF2, for a cross promotion between the game Total War: Shogun 2 and Team Fortress 2.

I busted my ass for a solid month straight, 16 hours a day. I've really never worked so hard in my life!

Like my Tankbuster items in the Mann Co. Store, I will also be receiving 25% of the sales from the Shogun items/bundles in the Mann Co. Store, So if you feel like supporting me, grab 'em in TF2's in-Game store! :D

My role in this rather buisinessy dealio was to design, model and texture the 8 items from simple descriptions. I was left mostly in the dark in terms of the item names, mechanics and usage.

Also, a conch shell is a surprisingly difficult thing to model, URGH.

Anyway! Hit the jump for an inconsiderate amount of pictures to lag out your browser! :D

Click for more!


Unknown said...

amazing stuff Laro! thanks for such a detailed view of all this awesome stuff.

favorites have gotta be the oni-mask and kunai-dart.

Marty Seefeldt said...

Great work and congratulations on that job. I'm real excited about seeing more of the game that you guys are working on.

Tom Zhao said...

hahaha the hair on the heavy really kills me. awesome work!

Bal said...

Awesome work once again! Love the new hats.
I pre-ordered Shogun 2 (got the items through that), hope you still get a % from that.

Britney said...

Gotta love Spy's mask. Nice job!

Unknown said...

Beautiful modelling and gorgeous textures as always.

Anonymous said...

oh man, you did date masamune!

Jack said...

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