Monday 30 August 2010

Max Mandibles - Orthos

More work on the designs. Should hopefully be rolling out some 3d soon, as long i don't get stuck on SC2 haha.

Progress is going well so far, coming up with a decent pathfinding method has been a very tricky but we've managed to figure something out, so were stillllll meating out the main functionality.

Turning a zig-zag path into the fastest possible route has been mind crushing. Involving collecting an array of corners, doing LOS checks going down each side of each corner in the array to eventually produce a cut corner.

Thats it for now, keep posted!

Tuesday 24 August 2010

TF2 Poster!

Done for a TF2 community event! Took a long time this one, don't remember a time spending so long on a piece before. :S

Friday 20 August 2010

Max Mandibles - 2nd Pass

It needed more CUTENESS!

Anyway, Annie and i have been making good progress on Max Mandibles so far!

I thought I might as well share some more information on the game and some technical mechanics.

Max is the protagonist ant, burning with rage after the evil termites slaughtered his ant colony. So, seeking revenge, he dives deep into their colony...

Max Mandibles will be a Rogue-like action puzzler, created in UDK, and will involve eating, placing and hitting blocks to survive and advance through the levels.

Levels will be randomly generated using noise and special grouping methods to produce a new experience every time, while still being conveniently laid out and organised. This will encourage the player "learn to live" rather than learn to memorise the level.

Here are some super alpha stages at the moment, progress on level gen methods (prototype).

Enemies will be smart and deployed en masse but because of our generated environments, any pre-compiled pathfinding methods just won't work. So we've had to implement our own pathfinding method to allow all enemies to be able to navigate to the player regardless of the environment (maze solving).

I think thats enough for now, i think we'll make a new blog for Max Mandibles with deeper explanation of the things i've mentioned here.

Anyway, keep posted!

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Max Mandibles

More on Max Mandibles! The game will be for PC using the Unreal Engine (UDK) Should be done around the end of August.

Action puzzler, starring the brave but vengeful ant, Max Mandibles.

Monday 9 August 2010

Max Mandibles

Working on a small side project at the moment called "Max Mandibles"

A lot of fun!