Saturday 31 March 2012

Odonata Dev Blog Launch!

The day is finally here, we've just finished the mad rush setting up the new dev blog for Odonata!

Head on over there for the first early development shots and videos of our game! :D

From now on we'll be posting all the game development over there so this place will stay artsy, and I'll cross post any art for it over here too. Anyway, catch you later folks!

Thursday 1 March 2012

Odonata Incoming!

Hey folks!

It's been a pretty tough journey game making so far, Ani and I had originally began a hugely ambitious plan to make a big game about 4 and a half years ago, however at that point of conception, neither of us had the technical know-how or the experience to achieve such an ordeal.

Ever since then we've been learning as much as possible to make us battle-ready for game makin'. We've gone through six game engines, four programming languages, massive amount of ideas and eye melting headaches.

With all that learn-work under our belt, we made a scratch start on Odonata at the beginning of this year. this stage, I feel that we're ready to make a start with posting our development progress, we will be revealing the first preview of Odonata on March 31st!!!

When I say "preview" I mean super-ultra-alpha-alpha, so adjust your expectations appropriately! Haha! We're only two months in this new definitive build of Odonata, just cleared past the early core function/conception stage. Right now, we're trying to get it all together to make it presentable and at least interesting to look at.

At the moment ALL the assets are simple placeholders for now. Crude prototype assets are not pretty, but it's important that we focus on the core gameplay and mechanics. We are artists to the core after all, because of that, the pretty arty stuff is going to be the last thing we will be doing so that game-side doesn't suffer. At the end of this we certainly don't want a pretty game with no punch.

Anyway, we'll be providing more info about what the game is actually about and the game-plan with the preview at the end of the month.

I'll be seein' you in a month! Let's hope we can nail that deadline!