Wednesday 31 August 2011


I'm pretty rusty, I need to get back into drawing again, Fun!

Friday 19 August 2011

TF2 - The Deus Ex Update!

Hey everyone! Still going strong on Odonata, Ani and I are healthily nearing a playable prototype. Will have something to post very soon! Including a new development blog and an IndieDB page. :D

I also will be doing some art soon. I admit, I really have dropped off the wagon for that. Programming is a tough job!


In other news! TF2!

A month ago I was approached by Eidos-Montreal to create a set of TF2 promotional items to promote their amazing upcoming title, Deus Ex: Human Revolution! What an honour!

Among the eight items Eidos-Montreal pitched to Valve for the promotion, I was given the choice to create four of them. I decided to choose the following, The Short Circuit, The Diamondback, The Widowmaker and The Deus Specs. You can check 'em out after the jump! Valve then created the rest internally, The Machina, Nanobalaclava, Purity fist and The Company Man.

Like all contributed items in the Mann Co. Store, Valve give a generous 25% of the sales to the creators, so I will receive 25% of the sales from the four Deus Ex items/bundle I created in the Mann Co. Store.

So, if you like my items and Deus Ex for that matter, I would be honoured if you grabbed them in TF2's Mann Co. store!

Hit the jump for the all the Deus Ex item development and what not!

Click for huge amount of pictures, in-game shots, design process and development concepts!