Monday, 26 December 2011

The Goalkeeper!

Just thought I'd post an old TF2 item I submitted about 9 months ago, the stats and name were revealed during a steam translation leak about 5-6 months ago. Had a lot of fun with this one, largest/complex item I've done so far. :) Named it based on the anti-missile warship cannon.

If you're on steam and you enjoy my work I would super chuffed if you voted it up. :)

It's unreleased for now.

Click for the pictures!


ecojar lab said...

This looks awesome ^^
what program did you use to make this gun? (I mean the two pictures at the end.)


swade said...

Always love your stuff in TF2. I thought the coolest thing about this weapon was the change in the light/dark shapes. The magazine drum on the original minigun was all white but I like this one a lot with the black drum but white cap on it. I think even though it has a very similar silhouette to the current minigun it would read really well. Good work, you got my vote! Hope to see it in there soon.

Joo Son said...

Does this have normals? Or is it all hand-painted textures?

Looks great!

insanity said...

this gun is just beautiful!
I want to use this at least for the skin of normal minigun...