Friday 19 August 2011

TF2 - The Deus Ex Update!

Hey everyone! Still going strong on Odonata, Ani and I are healthily nearing a playable prototype. Will have something to post very soon! Including a new development blog and an IndieDB page. :D

I also will be doing some art soon. I admit, I really have dropped off the wagon for that. Programming is a tough job!


In other news! TF2!

A month ago I was approached by Eidos-Montreal to create a set of TF2 promotional items to promote their amazing upcoming title, Deus Ex: Human Revolution! What an honour!

Among the eight items Eidos-Montreal pitched to Valve for the promotion, I was given the choice to create four of them. I decided to choose the following, The Short Circuit, The Diamondback, The Widowmaker and The Deus Specs. You can check 'em out after the jump! Valve then created the rest internally, The Machina, Nanobalaclava, Purity fist and The Company Man.

Like all contributed items in the Mann Co. Store, Valve give a generous 25% of the sales to the creators, so I will receive 25% of the sales from the four Deus Ex items/bundle I created in the Mann Co. Store.

So, if you like my items and Deus Ex for that matter, I would be honoured if you grabbed them in TF2's Mann Co. store!

Hit the jump for the all the Deus Ex item development and what not!

Click for huge amount of pictures, in-game shots, design process and development concepts!

The Short Circuit

I had pretty much full creative freedom with this one, apart from the fact that it must be an augmented arm of some sort.

The initial provided idea was actually meant to be a full blown minigun arm, at which point Valve indicated that they wanted the idea changed to something less powerful and electrical based. Thus I came up with this! :D

The Diamondback

I was provided with the original concept from Deus Ex for this one, It's a pretty great design! so no real issues with this one apart from the fine text and slightly blobby grip, just removed the small details and modular-fied the design.

The Widowmaker

Similar to the Diamondback, I was provided with the original concept from Deus Ex. Again, it's good solid design, so no real issues for me.

I didn't quite enjoy the idea of gun mount rails in TF2 so that was the first thing I adjusted and shortened the stock due to some clipping problems. I had a bit of a problem with the colour on this one too, took me a few days longer on the texture than usual to get it right, I think the warm tan colour threw me off a bit maybe, hehe.

The Deus Specs

The Purity Fist

I was also initially going to create the Augmented arms for the heavy, however I made the decision to drop them for something that would take a little less time, good thing too, I was working right up to a day before the deadline. Working solid from 9am to 5am during the last week before the deadline.

Valve took over for me and created the augmented arms based on my concept by the looks of it.

That is all for now folks! :)

Back to game coding, huzzah!


Dennis Cornetta said...

Incredible work man! I'd kill to have one of my own weapon designs in TF2. If there's ever any overflow work, keep me in mind! :p

Tyler Stott said...

I love seeing your work!

nlombardo said...

love your concepts man! takes a lot of talent to translate them to 3d so well too. inspiring work :)

Unknown said...

Very nice, i like how you think about the pieces fitting together.

Mathieu Beaulieu said...

NICE!!! hey my girlfriend ( ) worked on "The Diamondback"

That's fun :)

Nice job!!!!! Really well done!

neodos said...

As usual top notch oncepts and models!
Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I am currently learning 3d and I would love to see how you work!

Would you upload some "making of"s?

Tom Scholes said...

wauuuu !

P-A Rochat said...

Wow, great! Must be a great job to do

Jack said...

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