Sunday, 12 September 2010

Unnamed Game - Some Critters

Here is some of the critters in the new game, going for old-style dungeon crawler-esque enemies. :D I've just got to have a shot at some slimes, cyclops, spiders, minotaurs and bats.


jake gumbleton said...

I just spent an hour looking at your blog. I love your drawing so much!! I was trying to doodle some pretty girls for a project I am playing with and I remebered seeing your lovely ladies on characterart.blogspot
I take my hat of to you mate, the shapes you achieve are amazing. I had presumed you were an animator when I saw your drawings before but reading the interview I see you have just drawn a lot of ladies!!
When you were doing all these pages were you working from ref or do you literally pull all of these wonderful shapes and poses from your head?
Keep it up, I think you will be a big deal one day!

Olle Werme said...

Your work is insane Rob. Please do keep up the posting if you got the time for it. I'm sure I'm not the only one aching for more.

Again, superb.