Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Max Mandibles

More on Max Mandibles! The game will be for PC using the Unreal Engine (UDK) Should be done around the end of August.

Action puzzler, starring the brave but vengeful ant, Max Mandibles.


Onlinegamer|Max said...

Wooh, nice. Looking forward seeing more of this!

BenL said...

wow, nice! I like the characters. good luck!

Tom Scholes said...

I've just come to find your art, it's so so fresh man. Really inspired.

Zitter said...

Hi Laro, really beauty all your work, i just found it by characterdesignpage.com

And thiss.. is particulary AWESOME, good-looking game you got there. But i think that is actually frozen :'(.

Salute you, keep reinventing, you inspired me a lot(: