Wednesday 11 November 2009


Should animate with the mouse scroll wheel, as long as you have scroll steps set to default.


Kate said...

I'm on a laptop, no mouse. How can I activate this then?

Rob Laro said...

Ah im sorry :( This little novelty reserves itself to people with the mouse wheel.

Lorien Williams said...

Dude, that is so cool. I've never seen anything like it! Awesome interactivity. I'd like to see a giant print of this hanging on a gallery wall, with a placard that instructs viewers to move their heads up and down feverishly to get the full experience.

FelixSputnik said...

Hi Laro,
I took the liberty of animating one of your illustrations and fancy sending it to you...
(Can you deal with flash files? Otherwise I'll make a QT.)
drop me a line:
You have to remove the "removethis" part, I want to avoid getting mail from cyborgs...
E-mail is:
Talk soon
Felix Sputnik