Monday, 13 April 2009

Old Work - New Website

Just put a website together so i have something to show when i'm looking for a job.

Nothing new unfortunately :<

but hey check it out if you're at all curious!


Sukh said...

Love the elegant design of the site. Hurry up with the game! :p

Genève said...

Very clean and simple! Your images suit the overall design, great stuff :)

MildlyMad said...

Great looking website. What happens when you put more artwork up? Do the panels get slimmer?

matteo said...

I think some of your images on the site are more interesting than others. Sealife 4 isn't as appealing to me as the one with the cars and trees, Maybe that's personal taste, but I think that one is a little less interesting than the other ones. Why isn't lady red in there?