Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Beach girl.

I'm not that great at illustration work but i had a shot anyway.


Anonymous said...

I think the colours compliment the style of linework really well. I especially like her hand that's on the side of the ball and the way the pinky finger sticks out from the other fingers. Nice one. :)

Francis Vallejo said...

dont be hard on yerself, this is nice!

blaura said...

If you're going for a casual in style exercise then mission accomplished, it's really nicely handled. But as an illustration I think this piece could do with a bit more narrative. Maybe some characters interacting in the bg? a whale spouting? some birdies flying by? Even if the girl wasn't dead center in the composition it might liven things up a bit. Having her cropped at the ankles is a bit awkward too.
but yeah, rad stuff overall. I wish I had half your sketchbook ethic.