Friday, 1 October 2010

I need your support!

If you follow Team Fortress 2, you may have noticed the shipping of the huge Mann-Conomy update including the Polycount contest winning items. In addition you will find an in-game Mann.Co shop where you can buy all sorts of things including MY ITEMS! :D

As the creator of the Tankbuster pack i get a generous 25% royalties of all sales and bundles of my items from Valve. So if you enjoy my work, i would be honoured if you supported me and grabbed them in the shop! :)


enandrews said...

Just bought the polycount pack for this very reason. Thanks for helping me feel less guilty about the purchase.

Your pack's my favorite so far, I'm liking this new vampire soldier.

Dennis Cornetta said...

Picked up the Soldier Bundle last night. Great job, man! I'll have to get cookin' and see if they'll accept something of mine off the contribute site.

Warwick Urquhart said...

That tank buster is all over place when i play. Everyone loves it!

Joshua said...

Already done, The Tank buster is my new weapon of choice!

Thanks, you're a champion :)